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Samuel Stowell

Samuel Stowell


Family line: Samuel

Historical Information

Samuel Stowell was born about 1633 location unknown. His parents are also unknown at this time.

Samuel married Mary Farrow October 25, 1649 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Samuel and Mary had 8 children:

  1. Mary Stowell was born August 15, 1653 in Hingham, MA
  2. Samuel Stowell was born May 18, 1655 in Hingham, MA
  3. John Stowell was born March 15, 1657 in Hingham, MA
  4. David Stowell was born April 8, 1660 in Hingham, MA
  5. Infant Stowell was born September 5, 1664 and died September 21, 1664 in Hingham, MA
  6. William Stowell was born January 23, 1665 in Hingham, MA
  7. Israel Stowell was born April 27, 1668 and died November 15, 1669 in Hingham, MA
  8. Israel Stowell was born August 10, 1670 in Hingham, MA

Samuel Stowell was a blacksmith. In the 1600s, the village blacksmith was an important part of the community. He not only shod horses but repaired wagons, farming tools, and weapons. As such this helped Samuel become a well-respected member of the Hingham community as evidenced by the marriages of his children to some of the most influential families in Hingham and Newton.

Samuel does not appear to have taken part in political or church life. His name appears no where as an office holder.

Samuel died November 9, 1683 of unknown causes in Hingham, MA.  He was about 50 years of age.

Sources and Citations

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